Friday, 2 March 2012

Who loves short short's? We LOVE short short's.

It’s amazing how one good find in a charity shop can create lots of cool outfits. When bargain hunting for the first post, I came across a pair of high waist-ed light denim shorts in the Shelter charity shop. One simple pair of shorts created a lot of fun with one manikin (although even she struggled to put on the size 8 shorts). Shelter has a fantastic range of high street goodies and lowly priced vintage goods.
Here's just  a few…

Top £4
Topshop denim shorts £5.50
Shirt £5.50
Bag £2
Vintage t-shirt £2.35
Vintage £3.50
Vintage blue shirt £2
Red equestrian scarf £2
Necklace £1.99
Blue dress £4
Tan belt £1
French Connection dress £5.75
Shields Road in Byker is full from top to bottom with some great little charity shops. These are the original charity shops were something vintage is just something an old lady donated and Primark goods are sold for just £2, not £9.99 with the label cut out.
RSPCA book selection.
Topshop floral dress £3
Cool tea pot £1.50

Vintage wedding dress and faux fur coat St Oswalds Byker.
Retro Blondie t-shirt £1.85 Salvation Army Byker.

Happy browsing, for the full range of what we find treasure hunting search!/groups/250765441675869/.
Big love,
Lauren x

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bargain hunters unite!

My love affair with charity shops started around 17, since then I haven’t been able to walk past a second hand shop without having a nose in or forcing my friends to have a mooch around. More and more people are asking, ‘Argh, where did you get that from?’ which makes me think, although I’ve had a few bad misses with charity shops; I’ve also had some beauts.

The whole point of this blog isn’t to sit here writing about what I’ve bought and taking pictures, oh no no! This blog is to make people aware of the different charity shops and let people know what’s in there and if it’s worth a visit. Helping bargain hunter find treasure (especially for those vintage pieces that you will pay triple for in vintage shops) and helping charity shops through a pretty rough time.

I’ll be looking for vintage and retro pieces, costume jewellery, awesome book collections, quant and quirky tea sets and even those Primark bargains you wish you’d bought back in the day but the queue was just too long.